How does a student register for Drivers Education?

Registration is done quickly and easily by going to THIS ENROLLMENT PAGE.

How long do I have to complete the Drivers Education Program?

Students have 2 years from their start date to complete all Drivers Education requirements.

What if I miss a class, can classes be made up?

Yes, if any of the 10 sessions are missed, they can easily be made up during a future session. All make-up classes need to be scheduled in advance within the online student portal

When are students allowed to get a Learners Permit?

Students can get their Massachusetts Learners Permit at the age of 16

What do I need to bring with me to the RMV to get a Learner’s Permit?

Students are required to bring their Original Birth Certificate (with raised seal), Social Security Card, and 2 forms proving residency in Massachusetts, and be in the presence of a Parent or Legal Guardian.

How do I begin scheduling lessons, and when am I allowed to start booking them?

Once a student obtains a Massachusetts Learners Permit, you would contact Mass Auto School to update your Student Profile. Once a Student Profile is updated, you’re then emailed your Log-In information. Students then have full access to their account allowing them to schedule, re-schedule, and cancel Road Lessons online.

How long is a Driving Lesson?

Each of the 9 Lessons scheduled are 2 hours in length.

Where are students picked up for Driving Lessons?

Students are conveniently picked up from School, Home, and even from work if necessary.

What is an Observation Lesson?

“Observation” is time spent watching another student drive during a Road Lesson.

Why are Driving Lessons spaced out over 5 months?

To complete all the Drivers Education Requirements, and the minimum 40 hours of driving with a Parent or Guardian, the State of Massachusetts requires a student to hold their Learners Permit 184 days. In the best interest of the student, Massachusetts Auto School will evenly distribute lessons over that time.

How do I cancel my Driving Lessons?

All cancellations are done on-line by logging into the Student Portal. Please do NOT call to cancel Road Lessons.

I completed 30 hours of classroom with another driving school. Can I complete my 12 hours driving behind the wheel instruction and 6 hours observation with your school?

Yes, students can transfer their completed portion of Classroom or their completed portion of Driving and Observation to Massachusetts Auto School.

How do I schedule a Road Test?

Once all Drivers Education Requirements have been met and a student has held their Massachusetts Learners Permit for a full 184 days, you would then contact Mass Auto School at     (978)-66-DRIVE to schedule your Road Test

Why was my Road Test Date changed?

All Road Test Scheduling is controlled by the RMV and subject to the availability of RMV Road Test Examiners.

Can I take my Road Test with your school if I did not attend your program?

Yes, students who have not taken our program may take the Road Test with us upon passing an evaluation lesson with one of our instructors

How does a student obtain a Drivers Education Certificate of Completion?

Completed students are electronically submitted and entered into the RMV database. Insurance companies can verify completion by checking the student’s status in the RMV system.

What type of qualifications do your Driving Instructors have?

Massachusetts Auto School Instructors are certified by the State to teach Drivers Education after completing a state approved 65-hour training course, have clean driving records, and are given annual State CORI/Background checks

What fees are charged by the RMV?

The RMV charges $15.00 for the Drivers Education Certification, as well as $30.00 for each Learners Permit Test taken, and $35.00 for each Road Test taken, finally a fee of $50.00 is charged for License Issuance.